Fire Safety legislation is the United Kingdom can seem quite confusing during many times. At TM Services Ltd we feel it as our responsibility to explain your risks related to fire hazards, the method you can protect yourself in the event of a fire, discussing side by side the laws pertaining to fire safety in the UK.

Given below is a guide on fire safety. Please download this PDF document. This will give you a comprehensive information on Fire safety and what to do in an event of a fire.

For you convenience a video has been provided. This video uses a lot of animation schemes to make you understand things in better light. Use this resources as an instruction manual to get information on what you do on in case fire arises at your space.


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Let’s streamline some of the important points in the legislations pertaining to fire safety in the UK.

    Pertaining to Fire Risk Assessment-

  • Businesses must conclude a fire risk assessment and produce a written down record if they have more than 4 employees at the office.
  • Fire risk assessment should be reviewed on a frequent basis and the premises should hold the certificate for the same too.
  • You need to correctly verify the potential causes of fire at your business if you are doing a self-assessment of fire safety at your workplace. Also, you must record all the significant findings.
  • There is a penalty for not having an appropriate fire risk assessment and suitable fire safety precautions. If you are found guilty you could be liable for severe fines, prosecution and prison terms in case of extreme negligence.
    Fire Extinguishers

  • UK fire safety legislation pronounces that every business must provide “appropriate fire-fighting equipment”.
  • To start with you must have a portable fire extinguisher, however, higher-risk businesses should also store hose reels or sprinklers.
  • It is important to assess that your fire extinguishers comply with the type of your business you have and the location your premises are situated.
  • Fire extinguishers should be maintained in good working order and also undergo an annual maintenance test
  • It is mandatory that fire extinguishers are maintained by a ‘competent’ person
  • Fire extinguishers may also need to be certified to industry standards

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