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TM Services are authorised in the fire sprinkler installation, design, commissioning and maintenance – especially of High Pressure Water Mist Systems by iCO.


TM Services Ltd have a team of qualified installers for fire mist installation, they take care and work efficiently to make sure the job is done at the highest standard.

Step by step of installation:

  • Provide a floorplan with dimensions
  • TM Services will provide you with a quote and drawing subject to survey within 24 hours of an enquiry
  • If you are happy with the quote a TM Services surveyor will attend site at a time and date that suites yourself. On the survey we will explain the process, what we need and plan route and storage for equipment.
  • If the quote changes you will be sent a revised quotation. Which will be sent for approval by yourself.
  • If the surveyor is satisfied with the pre survey quote you can go ahead with booking a first fix date. For first fix all our engineers need is a clear route for the suppression hose.
  • Once the first fix has been completed a pressure test will be done on the hoses and fittings at 100 bar.
  • You will then let us know a date to book a second fix.
  • When ready an engineer will attend and complete the second fix, they will install the pump and connect all fittings
  • An engineer will then pressure test and commission the System
  • You will be supplied with a Certificate confirming that the system has been installed correctly and held pressure at 100 bar.
  • Maintenance on the system will need to be done once a year.


Once the iCO Pump has been fully installed and certified, the next step is to accord maintenance. A yearly maintenance will need to be carried out on the High Pressure Water Mist System by a TMS Ltd Engineer. We will attend on a date agreeable by yourself and commence a full maintenance on the system, this will entail:

  • Full pressure test at 100 bar
  • Check that the system is running well
  • Replace anything that needs replacing
  • Re issue you a certificate confirming the satisfaction of the maintenance which would suffice for another year
  • It is important to comprehend the need of visual inspection, functional testing and comprehensive maintenance activities at your space because a number of factors can influence the performance of your system in the event of fire.

    If your building has gone any renovations since the system has been installed, it because all the more critical to check the effectiveness of the fire sprinkler systems.

    If you need a professional fire sprinkler installation and maintenance expert, then please give us a call on 0208 699 8113 or write to us on

    Our Professional engineers are trained for a complete fire safety assessment of your property. You can also discuss and ask about right fire safety maintenance practices in the UK.

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