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The Most Common Causes of House Fires in the UK

The Most Common Causes of House Fires in the UK

Accidents tend to arrive without any warning signs,but if a few simple fire safety measures are neglected the can happen to anyone. Fire is unpredictable, spreads in seconds and can destroy a home within minutes.

The best way to avoid this kind of incident is to be responsible at home and to educate everyone in the household how to respond the second a fire starts.We have listed the most common causes of house fires in the UK and some tips on how to prevent them:


According to the fire service, 50% of deaths in house fires since 2009 were caused by smoking materials. Smoking still accounts for a huge number of fires in the UK. A simple mistake from irresponsible smoking around the house could burn down your property.

As much as possible avoid smoking inside the house, especially when feeling sleepy or when you have had several alchoholic drinks. If you must, make sure that your cigarette is fully extinguished. Use deep ashtrays and never place them on or anywhere near anything that will burn.


Kitchen fires account for a large percentage of accidental home fires making it by far the most dangerous cause of household fires in the UK. If one gets distracted, forgotten cooking appliances may overheat and easily cause fires.

Never leave cooking appliances unattended even for just the briefest of moments. Turn the oven down and take pans off the hob. As for using a chip pan, never fill it more than one-third full with oil and never throw water onto it ,if it does ignite throwing water onto an oil fire will actually make it worse.

Make sure a fire blanket or extinguisher is nearby in case the worst does happen. A possible way to stop a kitchen fire is by removing the oxidizing agent with suffocation. To put yourself at ease, it is best to have iCO suppression system installed in your home.

Heating Systems

About 12.5% of residential house fires start from home heating systems. A portable heater has an operating temperature that is high enough to cause ignition, therefore dangerous when used near flammable materials like furniture, curtains or clothes.

To ensure that you are safe from house fires that can generate from your heating system, always remember to have maintenance checks periodically.


Candles can be found in every household. They are not only used to give off that romantic and sensual vibe but are also very relaxing especially the scented ones as their scent fills the room. As much as candles can relax us when we are in a tensed state, they still account for many household fires especially when left unattended.

To prevent house fires originating from candles make sure that you put them in robust stable holders and placed on a flat surface where they cannot fall over or somewhere  high enough to be out of reach for children and pets.

Electrical Wiring & Appliances

Substandard and damaged appliances as well as an overloaded extension cord also account for a large number of house fires in the UK.

Always remember not to overuse an extension cord. Household fires can easily start from overlooking this simple point. Avoid using dishwashers, washing machines, and tumble dryers when you’re asleep or away from home. Make it a habit to always check your appliances regularly for any signs of damage, it only takes seconds but can save a lot of grief and cost.


Children are very inquisitive at a young age and cannot be stopped from being mischievous from time to time. They can be oblivious to any consequences and could start a fire when getting their hands on flammable materials such as lighters, matches and candles.

Be responsible adults and keep anything that may cause house fires out of the reach of children. It helps to educate your children about some Do’s and Do not’s around the house while they are still young.

Intentional Fires

Accidents are not always the reason for household fires it is frightening to know that 4.2% of house fires are actually set intentionally.

It’s easy to assume that every one of us are already practising these safety tips in our homes, but as mentioned above, accidents can happen to anyone. TM Services Ltd specialises in High-Pressure Water Mist Systems (HWMP). Do not put anything at risk. Call the team now on 0208 699 8113 to get a quote or email us at enquiries@tmservicesltd.co.uk


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