The iCO Mist System

Designers & Installers of 'iCO Fire' The High Pressure Water Mist Systems


TM Services are a specialist in fire safety. We are authorised in the installation, design, commissioning and maintenance in High Pressure Water Mist Systems by iCO.

With years of experience and knowledge, we have fabricated an advanced iCO mist system for protection systems that provide immediate and effective water suppression in the event of fire. The iCO mist system is tested for a wide range of environments and is certified for minimising the risks to property and people.

If you have queries pertaining to our fire safety services or our high-end fire suppression system, you can simply give us a call on 0208 699 8113 or write to us on!


We also supply and fit fire extinguishers and fire safety signs.


Our team have many years’ experience in Fire Safety and understand the importance in protecting peoples lives and saving their property. Our engineers work with efficiency, care and hard work.


Our team of experts can also liaise with building control and building inspectors on your behalf. You can always guarantee a professional service from TM Services, why not get in touch.

Need Fire risk Assessment in London for your residential or commercial property? Give us a call on 0208 699 8113 or write to us on


With our experienced team of designers, technicians and surveyors, TM Services is capable to provide a sufficient and reliable service. We Are proud of our customer service and professionalism and can guarantee a great customer relationship upon any project. Our High-Pressure fire sprinkler systems have proved their value with our clients. Additionally, they are known to render flexibility and reliability all the time with lower water consumption, low maintenance costs and easy suppression.

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      TM Services are authorised in the installation, design, commissioning and maintenance…

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      TM Services supply and fit fire safety signs. You can buy them directly from us and fit…

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      TM Services supply and fit fire extinguishers, A range of fire extinguishers are available.


TM Services guarantee a great customer relation and transparency towards any project undertaken. The iCO Mist system we use is currently the most non-intrusive system on the market. The discreet nozzles sit flush to the ceiling and pumps are compact to fit into a cupboard unit. The iCO product feeds directly from the mains water so no need for a separate water tank. If you are looking for a discrete system which saves space and money, TM Services are the right choice for you. If you need a free quote for our products or services, give us a call on 0208 699 8113 or write to us on

  • "I was a little skeptical on having a mist system installed in my property as I have never heard of them, Only stories of how horrible and bulky asprinkler system looks and the space it takes up due to water storage. However the Mist system is great, the mist heads are very discreet and the pump does not require a separate water tank and feeds from the mains. A thumbs up on space saving and overall look of the system compared to other on the market this is by far the most visually compromisable system out there."

  • "Looks great, fits in a small cupboard and the nozzles sit flush with the ceiling lets hope it never needs to be activated!"

  • "I found TM Services to be very accomodating and have fantastic customer relation skills, everything was easy to talk about and the guys are very relatable and understanding on a clients requirements. The turn around from quote to completetion was very quick and fitted into my very tight schedule "



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